Subscribers will be disappointed twice by the October 2021 PS4 and PS5 game free of charge

There’s bad news for PlayStation Plus subscribers this month, as Sony rules out two major games from appearing on the service for free.

A PS Plus subscription gives you the opportunity to play and download a variety of PS4 and PS5 games every month.

The current PlayStation Plus games free include Hitman 2, Predator Hunting Grounds, and Overcooked All you can Eat.

PS Plus will announce the next round of freebies on September 29. They will then be available for download starting October 5.

Two games are not likely to be in the next month’s lineup, unfortunately.

Rumours circulated that Alan Wake Remastered will join PS Plus in October, ahead of the PlayStation Showcase last night.

The reason for this was that Alan Wake Remastered is due to be released on October 5, the same day as new PlayStation Plus games.

However, Alan Wake Remastered is available for pre-order at the PlayStation Store so there is no way it won’t be on PS Plus in next month.

Alan Wake Remastered is available at a PS24.99 cost, which makes it affordable.

Uncharted Lost Legacy is another game that appears regularly on the PS Plus prediction list.

Uncharted 4 is the only title in the series that has not yet appeared on PlayStation Plus. Monthly speculation has been that the game will soon be available on PlayStation Plus.

However, a Uncharted Lost Legacy PS Plus release seems increasingly unlikely after Sony’s recent announcement.

Sony revealed the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection during the PlayStation Showcase.

The Legacy of Thieves Collection will be available on PS5 and PC starting in 2022. It includes unremastered versions of Uncharted 4 & Lost Legacy.

Sony hopes to cash in once more on Uncharted, so it is unlikely that Lost Legacy will appear on PlayStation Plus.

This brand-new, remastered bundle contains Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End. Nathan Drake plays Captain Avery as he searches for the treasure. He sets off on a far-flung adventure through Madagascar, to find the long-lost pirate colony, Libertalia.

It also contains Uncharted The Lost Legacy which tells the story of Chloe Frazer as she transforms from an enemy to a hero. Chloe enlists the help of Nadine Ross, a renowned mercenary to find the Golden Tusk Of Ganesh.

Sony claims that the PC version of the game will soon launch after the PS5’s release.

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