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The Digital Team is Getting Some Game-Changing Information These are the best ways to take advantage of them.

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The Digital Team is Getting Some Game-Changing Information
These are the best ways to take advantage of them.

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Digital is crucial to the success of your company. Yet, I am constantly confronted by large companies who make mistakes in their digital departments.

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This is why it keeps happening. It seems that digital teams don’t always make the best digital advocates. They would be better at self-promotion if they knew they had valuable insights about brand and consumer presence that every company could use.

It could also be the case that while digital may share relevant data constantly, these reports do not reach the correct people. Your organization will be at significant disadvantage if your digital operations don’t match your overall business strategy.

These are five ways that you can immediately reduce the distance between your digital team and those of other departments.

1. Incorporate digital into your business.

Leaders often refer to silos in an organization when discussing marketing and sales. In bad situations, these teams can work independently and, in worse cases, will compete with one another. My experience is that digital often falls under the umbrella of communications or marketing and can be misaligned.

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Digital is too often kept in silos or forgotten. All operational functions should be in direct communication with the digital team, including fulfillment, talent acquisition and customer success. This includes sales, marketing, and even sales. Because the customer feedback that the digital team receives could have implications for any one of these departments.

Imagine this: You’re part the digital team at a resort, and guests complain about not having enough umbrellas. You can see these comments everywhere from Instagram posts to Yelp reviews and TripAdvisor comments.

These social media insights can only be shared within a siloed company. The team will discuss public comments, and decide whether or not to remove them. That’s all there is to it.

Marketing would communicate this information with operations in an optimal organization. The conversation would then be centered on ways to increase the number of umbrellas.

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2. To find out what people are searching for you online, audit your digital presence.

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Digital is often thought of as the capture of an organisation’s website or social media channels. However, digital can and should be used to reflect all aspects your web presence. It is particularly true of the top Google search pages, since investors, journalists, customers and other stakeholders are looking at more information than you have.

Here are some questions you might want to ask:

  • Google will generate “related searches” for brands that match your brand.

  • Are there Google Knowledge Panels that are generated by searches related to your brand?

  • Is there a Wikipedia article in the knowledge panel?

  • Do your social media channels appear on the first page?

  • Have you got a Glassdoor Page?

Read those questions over again, and then ask who is responsible for keeping an eye on that data. These answers will be extremely pertinent to your business. Therefore, you should ask your digital team for a quarterly report, with specific comments and feedback, to the leadership.

3. Get involved in feedback.

Negative feedback can be viewed as either a problem or an opportunity to improve your business and please customers and employees.

This is perhaps the most prominent example. There have been many companies that I know of who are willing to overlook negative comments on Glassdoor. While you can’t please everyone, Glassdoor is a great way to collect unfiltered employee feedback.

Consider this: You notice an increase in negative Glassdoor reviews. It is possible that they are all coming from one location. Perhaps the issue isn’t employees complaining. It could be that there’s a problem with HR in Louisiana. You can improve and maintain high levels of service by making sure that your employees are satisfied.

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4. Do not be afraid to reduce your appearance.

Are you still able to create a Slideshare profile? Are you on Vimeo? FourSquare?

These accounts may have been forgotten by you, but Google still has them. These accounts could still show up in search results pages for your brand on the second and third pages. It is important that you actually delete these accounts and not abandon them.

If Facebook is no longer an integral part of your digital operations, you may want to close them down. Many organizations continue to maintain these pages even though engagement has dropped to the single digits. Consider if your customers can’t find you on Facebook, and your page isn’t serving any purpose. Instead of continuing to maintain it, focus your efforts on those platforms that are moving the needle.

5. To rule it all, create one set of guidelines.

You probably have social media guidelines and policies for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do you have any policies for Reddit posts? Glassdoor, and other job-review sites. What about Wikipedia? These platforms are a headache for employees who “go rogue”.

This is how you can address it. You can cover other areas of your digital footprint by using the same policies that you use for social media platforms. They don’t have to be all negative. It’s possible (and encouraged) to engage with your employees. Encourage employees to interact with corporate content and share updates via LinkedIn. You can also encourage them to post photos of their office on Google Business.

These guidelines must also contain responsibilities. It is important to identify who monitors Glassdoor or Indeed, and then pass on summaries and details of the most recent posts.

These five tips will help you to understand how digital communication can be an important channel. It is a way for you and your stakeholders to learn about each other, helping you improve your business.

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