The Horizon Zero Dawn crossover might be available to Fall Guys

The PlayStation Showcase may have teased a possible crossover between Fall Guys and Horizon Zero Dawn. The stream featured a Fall Guys character dressed in Aloy costumes. This will mark the second such collaboration between a PlayStation and PlayStation games this year, following the Ratchet and Clank event last month.

Last Thursday’s PlayStation Event featured a number of exciting announcements, including a remake of Star Wars Classic Knights of the Old Republic as well as the long-rumoured Uncharted Collection. The Fall Guys tease is however spotted in the least important part of the event.

The showcase began with a traditional weird live-action PlayStation ad showing an action-packed game of Chess, with the occasional Sony character in the background to remind people that it’s about PlayStation. As first spotted by LostMonkeee on Reddit, at the 0:34 mark two people parkour away from an Uncharted ad – however, it’s the bottom left corner viewers should focus on.

Although it’s subtle, the poster below depicts a character from Fall Guys wearing an Aloy outfit, complete with her hairstyle.

Aloy is coming to Fall Guys (bottom left corner) from FallGuysGame

Fall Guys is a great follow-up to the Ratchet & Clank event, with a Horizon: Zero Dawn crossover. It’s probably even more than Ninja and Nier: Automata. Fall Guys, with Aloy being included in Fortnite and Genshin Impact’s new Horizon games, is the next natural step. It was well worth the effort to see that horrible ad.

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