Warning about climate change: Boris’ masterplan net zero could lead to UK homeowners paying up to PS14,000

Heat and Building Strategy will be released. It will outline how the Government intends to deal with potential problems for homeowners such as electric power being more costly than natural gas. By banning the use of gas boilers within homes, and limiting sales to new petrol or diesel cars, the Prime Minister hopes to reach his net zero goal. Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, recently said that scrapping gas boilers would be costly for consumers.

He is however “concerned about the PS20 billion gap in the country’s public finances, which will be opened up by the elimination of fuel duty and the transition to electric vehicles.

Although electric heat pumps may be considered the best option, they are more expensive than gas boilers (which average around PS1,000).

Air source heat pumps are another option. They draw heat from the air and can be used at temperatures down to -15C. However, they cost as little as PS10,000.

These two sources are powered by electricity. However, heat pumps cost around PS400 more to operate than boilers.

Morgan Schondelmeier is Head of External Affairs for the Adam Smith Institute. He warned that the government’s net zero plans could “risk making Britons poorer”, and the price of replacing boilers with low-carbon options may be thousands.

Express.co.uk was informed by him that the Government’s net zero plan for 2050 could make Brits less wealthy.

Each household could be charged PS14,000.

This is only one of many policies that pushes costs on households, but provides limited benefits in reducing carbon emissions.

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It’s extremely disappointing to watch the Government succumb to an incoherent and impossible scheme to create hydrogen boilers, despite the fact that the economy is still recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

The Government must stop looking at top-down mandates and picking winners. Instead, they should let the market find the most efficient ways to cut carbon emissions.

This can be done most easily by a carbon tax that is border-adjusted and accompanied with generous compensation for households to help cover the increased cost.

The TaxPayers Alliance, a public campaign group, warned that households may see their monthly bills rise by PS400 per year. This could lead to the cost of net zero in Britain and a number of billions.

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The group urged UK taxpayers to not pay the huge bill and warned that it was “not sensible” or a winning option.

John O’Connell is the chief executive officer of TaxPayers’ Alliance. He stated to Express.co.uk that the net-zero goal must not result in working taxpayers being landed with the bill.

According to estimates, some households may see their bill rise as high as PS400 each year.

Net-zero’s costs will likely be in the hundreds of billions, or even higher.

Family finances have been already stressed by the high tax rates of the past 70 years and cannot afford to spend more on food, travel, and goods.

TaxPayer Alliance’s boss was speaking out about a report by the National Infrastructure Commission. They warned that UK households could be subject to a rise in their monthly bills of up to PS400 per year, to pay for the target.

He said, “Asking taxpayers for ever-greater taxes is neither a smart nor winning option.

“If the government wants to cover the cost, it will have to make savings and wage an unapologetic battle against waste. It must spend less than it makes.

“Ministers should promise to protect Brits against any green cost increases.”

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