You might be unable to access your Gmail account due to an upgrade Sending emails

Gmail users worldwide will soon notice a major change in their inboxes. Google’s latest update could stop you sending email. You will soon be capable of making a call from the Android or iPhone email app to your contacts.

As spotted by The Verge, it seems this upgrade will end the need to switch from your inbox to another service, like Google Meet or FaceTime, when you decide that it’s easier to speak to someone.

After your iOS and Android apps have been upgraded, you will see a new option that allows you to contact Gmail contacts directly from your email inbox. The call function is a fantastic way to get in touch with someone if you do not have a home or mobile number to contact Gmail contacts, or if it’s too time-consuming to write an email.

Sanaz Ahari is the Senior Director of Product Management for Gmail. She explained that you will soon be able call team members directly via a 1-to-1 chat. It will call their Gmail mobile phone and transmit a call chip via their laptop to send them a message. This allows them to answer their questions from anywhere.

The update comes as part of major changes in Google’s Workspace services. According to the US tech company, it is trying to create one connected experience through something called Spaces.

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Ahari said that Spaces were the center for collaboration within Workspace. Our customers tell us that Spaces are a great place for team collaboration in Workspace. Teams can meet up in Spaces to discuss projects or topics, rather than starting email chains or scheduling video meetings.

Gmail’s update is not the only thing coming to Workspace. There are many other features, including an intuitive user interface, which allows users to access all their chats, spaces, and inboxes from one place.

Google also offers an enhanced search feature that allows you to quickly find information within Spaces. Additionally, Google now lets users reply to messages within Spaces. This will allow for deeper collaboration between teams and organizations.

The US company has also enhanced its admin and security features with additional tools to manage the Spaces and moderate content. The update will begin rolling out over the next few months, so keep an eye on this space.

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