“10 Days of LIMBO!” Whitty blasts for vast ‘confusion’ in relation to children’s vax announcement

Link” href=”https://www.express.co.uk/latest/chris-whitty”>Professor Chris Whitty alongside a panel unveiled plans to vaccinate 12-15 year-olds in the UK, the BBC’s Medical Editor Fergus Walsh branded the fact that the JCVI (Joint Commission on Vaccination and Immunisation) made a separate announcement 10-days ago on their feelings towards vaccinating youngsters compared with British scientists who have given the go ahead for the rollout as having confused parents and the British public.

Mr Walsh asked, “Isn’t it a risk that many parents and children will be confused because the JCVI did not recommend vaccinations for this age group and you now are?”

Whitty retorted, saying that “our view”, which is professional, was the opinion of the vast majority of public health workers and doctors, is not in conflict.

“JCVI stated that the marginal advantage was based on their evaluation, but that it was insufficient to not recommend it. They remained independent and unbiased.

“They offered further suggestions and we added them in. JCVI suggested it and I agree with that. We don’t see a conflict.

Link” href=”https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1490497/chris-whitty-downing-street-press-conference-covid-vaccines-teenagers-children-latest”>Chris Whitty squirms as anger erupts over children’s Covid vaccine plan: ‘Embarrassing’

Whitty emphasized that in medicine there are factors to consider. Some are direct factors while others are more general. This is what he claimed influenced his decision to support jabbing children.

As he began to tear into the medical professionals’ offices, Mr Walsh retorted that the panel was in a “limbo for ten days”.

While he acknowledged that the panel’s position was clear on vaccines, he stressed that it would be better for the general public to receive one combined announcement from the JCVI scientists and British government scientists. He said the two separate ones were confusing.

M. Whitty insists that the correct course was taken with these announcements, despite the hostile response.

The announcement comes just as Chris Whitty made a separate announcement. They shared the JCVI’s belief that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the possible harms, but they acknowledged the ” great uncertainty about the extent of these potential harms”.

They stated that there is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 vaccine has any health benefits for children aged between 12 and 15 who don’t have any underlying conditions or health problems which could make them more susceptible to severe COVID-19.

The potential dangers of vaccination are very low, and there have been reports of myocarditis post-vaccination. However, these cases can be serious, so it is still being investigated.

Given the rare nature of such events, and the short follow-up period of young children with post-vaccination myocarditis (children and adolescents), there is still considerable uncertainty about the health consequences of adverse events. ”


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The committee stated that they believe that vaccination has marginally more benefits than potential harmful effects (tables 1 through 4), but acknowledged that it is difficult to know the exact magnitude.

The margin of benefits, which is primarily based on health, is too low to support the recommendation for a universal program of vaccines to healthy 12- to 15-year old children.

As longer-term data about potential adverse reactions accumulates, more certainty could allow us to reconsider the harms and benefits. These data might not be readily available for several months.

According to UK chief medical officers, healthy children between 12 and 15 years old should receive one dose of the Covid vaccine. It would reduce disruptions to education, according to the CMO. After the vaccine committee of government said that there wasn’t enough health benefit for it to be warranted, but ministers can consider other factors.

CMOs considered this to be a tipping point, as the virus would continue spreading through winter.

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