A flight attendant tells passengers what they should not do during Covid: ‘Never clean!

Although airlines do everything possible to ensure that the planes are clean and disinfected as best as they can, this is still a private space. Link” href=”https://www.express.co.uk/latest/travel-advice” target=”_blank”>travelling.

Dan Air, a flight attendant shared his insight about what passengers should do during a flight in order to prevent Covid from being caught onboard.

“I would say that the most important thing you can do is listen to your crew. Wear your mask if we ask.

We ask that you keep aisles clean.

He said, “If we ask for you to remain seated and keep the cabin from moving as much as possible,”

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Believe us, we don’t ask you to do this because we are trying to get you mad.

We are doing this because we have to in order to protect you.

And whether or not you believe COVID to be a hoax, or agree that masks are necessary.

He explained that “Regardless, we are in the middle of an international pandemic so it is important to work together to overcome this.”


Although new airline policies have been put in place, it is important that passengers avoid any contact with surfaces.

This includes the area around the seat pockets, which cabin crews say is often overlooked.

The seat pockets have been “cleared” of rubbish, but they are not ‘cleaned’. This means that it is full of bacteria.

It is common for passengers to leave items in their seat pockets. This includes empty bottles and tissues.

The flight attendant suggested that hot beverages not be purchased or bought before you board the aircraft. She also recommended that the thermal bottles are used to transfer the liquid.

Avoid going barefoot on planes. Instead, wear at least socks.

The cabin crew discovered that the floors are never properly maintained and shoes not being worn is a security concern.

If you have to evacuate in an emergency situation, it is important that your feet are covered.

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