Ancient Babylonian Tablet Discovery Rewrites Pythagoras’ claim to famed theorem

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Link” href=””>Pythagoras was an influential Greek island of Samos around 580 BC, travelling widely during his youth, visiting Egypt and Persia.

Link” href=””>Crotone in southern Italy, and is thought to have been killed or died around 500 BC.

Pythagoras started teaching in Crotone. He is known for his philosophy-based math and a lively personality.

A new discovery, however, has cast doubts on his claims to have created his world-famous theorem.

An Iraqi 3-700 year-old tablet was discovered by an archaeologist in 1894. He claims its carvings are proof of the formula.

Ancient Babylon: An ancient tablet containing Pythagoras’ Theorem was discovered long before he died . (Image: GETTY/Youtube/UNSW Syndey).

Pythagoras – Little information is available about the mathematician and philosopher of ancient Greece . (Image: GETTY).

Si.427 was a tablet that had been in Istanbul’s museum for more than a century.

Link” href=””>New South Wales, Australia, was given access to the clay tablet, meticulously studying and uncovering its meaning.

BBC Science Focus Magazine, he stated that Si.427 is a date from the Old Babylonian period – 1900 to 1600 BC.

It is the only example of a cadastral record from the OB period. This plan was used by surveyors for defining land borders.

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Pythagoras – Little information is available about the mathematician and philosopher of ancient Greece . (Image: GETTY).

“In this instance, it gives us legal and geometric details about a field which was split after some of its assets were sold.”

According to the theorem, the sides of right-angled triangles obey the following formula: a2 +b2 = C2, where a is the length of one side and b is the length of another.

Pythagorean Triples are a collection of numbers, usually whole numbers, that fits this relationship. Examples include 3, 4, 5, 5, 12, and 13.

A triangle with these sides must be right-angled.

This fact can be extremely helpful in making precise rectangles. For example, constructing a triangle with sides that are Pythagorean three gives you an exact angle each time.

Link” href=”″ rel=”nofollow”>Si.427 the earliest-known example of applied geometry.

Dr Mansfield said: “Nobody anticipated that the Babylonians would use Pythagorean Triples in this manner.”

It is closer to pure mathematics inspired by practical problems.

The history of mathematics has important implications from the discovery and analysis the tablet.


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Pythagoras, an ancient Greek philosopher, built a reputation for himself with his lessons (Image: GETTY).

Istanbul: For over 100 years, the tablet was kept in Istanbul’s Turkish Museum . (Image: Youtube/UNSW Sydney

Link” href=””>Pythagoras was born.

This is a time when land has become more private. People started to think about land as if it were their land. They wanted to create a boundary that would allow for positive neighborly relations.

This is the message that this tablet instantly says. This is a field that’s being divided and new boundaries created.

This math was not always easy for Babylonians. Their number system was very different to the one used today.

Science Focus: Dr Daniel Mansfield spoke out about the many tablets that he’s used . (Image: BBC Science Focus).

Secondary school : Theorem will be recognized by many (Image: GetTY)

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