AstraZeneca warns Czech Republic to destroy thousands of vaccines due to concerns about jabs

At least 45,000 could go to waste as their expiration date rapidly approaches. According to officials in Prague, the COVID-19 vaccines are due to expire next month, and the vaccine, which is only available to over 60s, is in low demand due to possible side effects. Czech radio station IROZHLAS reported that 55,000 doses were shipped to Czech Republic. These will expire at the end October.

Nearly 10,000 vaccines will be available as a second dose, but it appears that the rest of the batches may need to be destroyed if demand is not higher.

Current demand for the jab is shockingly low, as data cited in the report shows only 36 people elected for an AstraZeneca shot for their first dose this September, and only 776 people have received that vaccine so far.

AstraZeneca received approximately 1,200 requests for vaccines in July and August – just a small fraction of 860,000 who had applied during this time.

Czech media reported that more than 14,000 doses AstraZeneca vaccines have already been destroyed due to lack of public interest.

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The Czech health ministry recommended that the AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccinations be administered only to people over 60 years old since July. This is partly responsible for the sharp decline in AstraZeneca demand.

After reports that some young people had developed potentially fatal blood clots after they received the AstraZeneca vaccination, this measure was taken.

However, although these cases are very rare, many countries including the Czech Republic have stopped or limited the availability of the vaccine.

Daniel Koppl (spokesman for Czech Ministry of Health) stated that the government is unsure if they’ll be able use the vast majority of vaccines left before expiring next month.

Although 55 percent have received the vaccine so far in Czech, the government has set a target of 75 percent.

According to WHO, more than 5.3 million vaccines had been given worldwide as of September 10,

More than 48.4 Million people in Britain have received their first jab, and 43.9 Mio people have had their second.

asked AstraZeneca to comment on the report.

Publited at Mon, 13 Sep 2021 10:00 – 0000

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