Boris Johnson will roll out Covid booster jabs to over-50s in order to get around Christmas lockdown

The Prime Minister also plans to launch an advertising blitz to encourage people to get their flu inoculations. These two steps will help to prevent overcrowding of the NHS this winter, according to the Government. If the intended effect is not achieved, however, Number 10 won’t hesitate to order vaccine passports, indoor faces and to ask for people to return to work.

Times Radio’s Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, stated that he would do everything possible to prevent another shutdown.

He said, “Ofcourse we get Christmas.”

“I don’t anticipate any additional lockdowns. “I don’t know how to get another lockdown.

Johnson will likely confirm his decision not to introduce vaccine passports. This will be seen by backbenchers as a significant concession.

The scheme was opposed by the Tory Party.

The scheme proposed that large venues should check whether their clients are vaccinated.

After scientists concluded that vaccinations could provide sufficient protection from a pandemic, the Prime Minister dropped the idea of vaccine passports.

Time Radio’s Mr Javid stated that vaccination passports are a “huge intrusion in people’s lives”, and that they “will not continue with”

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They cautioned however that the outcome of the virus over winter was uncertain.

The report was chaired by Professor Stephen Holgate from University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust. He said: “This isn’t a prediction, but it’s a possibility.”

The modeling suggests that the death rate could rise with this new Covid-19 wave.

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