Cadillac Lyriq starts brand’s new overhaul

Cadillac Lyriq starts brand's new overhaul

DETROIT — Cadillac has set a new tone in design with its Lyriq electric car, which will serve as a launchpad for their plan to get rid of internal combustion engines by 2030.

This crossover will be released early next year. It is the latest in a series of reinventions that have been a success or failure for General Motors Luxury brand. The conversion to all EVs will not be an easy transformation. Brand leaders must execute well.

The new battery architecture gave the Lyriq an elegant, low-profile look by allowing designers to borrow embellishments from Cadillac’s past while also allowing them styling freedom. The designers added details such as a liner jewelry drawer and an elegant cantilever console that was inspired by grand balconies. Every component of this midsize crossover, and future Cadillac EVs, is original. This crossover won’t be sharing parts with Chevrolet Buick, GMC or Buick.

Andrew Smith, Cadillac Global Design’s executive director, stated that Cadillacs are a strategy. This really does mean that there is a Cadillac component set and a shared strategy. There’s even a Cadillac manufacturing strategy.

For the Lyriq launch edition, Cadillac will be opening customer reservations on Saturday, September 18. Cadillac will transition to the traditional dealer allocation model after all reservations have been taken.

Cadillac displayed its design ambitions with the Escala concept vehicle, which was unveiled at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Smith stated that the Lyriq was the next step.

Cadillac was able to create the Lyriq using GM’s Ultium battery technology with stackable pouches. They are flat beneath the floor.

Smith stated, “This car is pushed to the corners.” It has the perfect dash-to-axle ratio that we love and a strong stance. This is the car that we have always wanted to drive, and now it’s possible.

The Lyriq will be the first EV-powered Cadillac in the new generation. However, the designers do not want their customers to mistakenly think of it as an EV. Smith stated that “Cadillac should be the first thing to come to your mind.”

To accelerate the adoption of EVs, Stephanie Brinley (principal analyst, IHS Markit) said that they must be accessible. She said, “It should be something people can envision themselves in today.” Cadillac is a good example of that.

The Lyriq does not have a cargo area underneath the hood like other EVs on the market. This is known as a “funk”. Cadillac instead rearranged parts to create a large storage space in the back, which is where the trunk would be on a sedan. A 12.volt battery and an onboard charger module of 19.2 kilowatts are found at the front.

Smith stated, “I wanted it to feel as normal as possible. Just better.” The cargo volume that you will see is huge. We’ve packed any modules we haven’t used yet in the front.

In other aspects, the Lyriq stands out from petrol-powered cars.

Cadillac engineers wanted the Lyriq’s grille to be more distinctive than standard. The front is equipped with sensors hidden behind a black-painted finish. The lighting choreography starts with the Cadillac Crest in the middle and continues across the length of the car as the driver approaches it.

Although the Lyriq retains some of its traditional branding cues but Cadillac has distinguished the Lyriq by “the way they’re using lighting in order to express the modernity and how it’s leading to the next phase for Cadillac,” Brinley stated.

Designers placed emphasis on space and personal touches in the Lyriq. To make the Lyriq more spacious, they repackaged HVAC systems and moved airbags. A lined space near the driver can hold a bag, a grocery bag or a jewelry box. Tristan Murphy (manager of Cadillac interior design) said that the additional storage was possible because of an unusual console design inspired from cantilever balconies.

We pulled images from fictitious buildings with long, cantilever balconies. He said that it’s very dramatic and exciting to see such a thing. It was then that the team wondered, “How can we invoke those same emotions, even subconsciously, that will give you drama?”

Lyriq seat controls are located on the doors of the Lyriq, not the sides. This was a difficult engineering task, but it allows for larger seats and makes driving easier.

Numerous Cadillac emblems can be found throughout the Lyriq. Designers visited GM’s Heritage Center for inspiration.

Brinley stated that knowing more about your possessions’ history can make you feel part of the club. These little details communicate a keen eye for detail. These little bits communicate passion for the brand’s work and a genuine interest in it.

Six ducklings were featured on the Cadillac original 1902 Cadillac Crest. These are known as Merlettes. Three merlettes are etched in the Lyriq’s driver’s panel, and three on its passenger side.

It’s a wink, a wink to the past. There are so many startup companies. Murphy said that they are all innovative and fresh. We do actually have an amazing past that we can draw on and still have some fun.

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