Foxden British Burgers – Review

Last updated September 13, 2021

Fulham’s Foxden offers British Burgers with No Fuss

If you love a great burger, Foxden should be on your list. You can find them right off Fulham Broadway at Jerdan Place. With outside tables and a bright blue awning you won’t be able to miss them. This restaurant specializes in British food and is known for its simple, straightforward approach to cooking.

It tastes fantastic! The burgers from Foxden are amazing and only cost PS8. We tried “The Foxden”. This burger is a towering stack of beef pulled and British grass-fed beef patties, with a creamy truffle cheese sauce and sweet caramelized onions. Rocket and soft rolls are added to the mix. Other burger options include chicken, duck and vegan. There is something for everybody.

The ‘Foxbox,’ a fantastic alternative to burgers, is available. You can choose to have grilled chicken free-range or bavette steak with your preferred side dish and sauce. It was perfectly cooked and finished with a spicy chimichurri sauce that added a touch of heat to the dish.

Foxden offers a wide range of side dishes starting at PS3.50. We tried both the pulled beef nuggets and rosti bits. We loved the Foxden’s BBQ sauce and the crispy rosti bites. The pulled beef nuggets tasted great with it. This is a great way to change up the usual burger-and-fries combo. You can also opt for lighter alternatives such as tenderstem broccoli or superfood salad.

Take a look at these cocktails to quench your thirst. Foxden has a huge list and puts their own twist on traditional drinks. The ‘Den Mojito” was refreshing, delicious and arrived in a Foxden cup. This is a great addition to your restaurant experience. You can buy your Foxden cup on PS5 to keep the memories alive.

Foxden is the best place to get British burgers. However, you don’t have to go there in person. Foxden offers home delivery so you can still enjoy Foxden’s delicious food. You can order online from Foxden or use their delivery service. We are self-certified burger connoisseurs and will definitely order in, or return to Fulham to sample them all.

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