“Get out of my way!” Climate protesters block the M25 as furious drivers become violent

LBC’s RachaelVenables shared footage of a man driving a truck and dragging a demonstrator away. It was a furious tirade. The man can be heard telling the protesters to “get outta hell!” The man, after being pulled aside by others drivers, added that they would f***ing lose their jobs due to them.

Surrey Police asked drivers to stay clear of the area.

One spokesperson stated that they were currently monitoring a J6 M25 protest reported at 8:15 AM.

Insulate Britain protesters are present at the spot, with slip roads being closed and diversion set up.

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“Please do not enter the zone at this time.”

Sir Hugh Orde, former chief constable, condemned the demonstration.

Sir Hugh spoke to Nick Ferrari about LBC and stated that a clear message must be conveyed.

The right to peaceful protest is an individual right. It’s not an absolute.

David said to LBC, while a driver waited in line, “A lot people may have supported your cause but it’s been ruined by this kind of thing.”

He added: “I’ve wasted so much diesel. This morning, I have caused so much pollution.

“I am really upset and angry at what they have done.”

Publication Date: Mon, 13 September 2021 at 08:26:00 +0000

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