How podcasts can be made more enjoyable for people with hearing loss Loss

How podcasts can be made more enjoyable for people with hearing loss
These are easy methods to make audio accessible for all.

The average American listens to over 16 hours of online audio content–like podcasts–each week. This is 17 percent more than the previous year.

It is not easy for everyone to hear.

The majority of people with hearing loss can access podcasts. While one in six adults in the UK has some form of hearing loss, around 12 percent are profoundly or severely deaf. Depending on audio quality and listening environment as well as access to noise-canceling headphones or hearing aids, most hearing impaired people can enjoy podcasts.

Auditory processing disorder sufferers can find podcast listening difficult. JN Benjamin describes her auditory processing disorder as “having no control” over her brain’s processes. This causes her to hear too many things.

She said, “In brief,” that she has no control over the way her brain processes information. There are many triggers and stressors that can cause it to be triggered and created. Benjamin, along with other individuals suffering from auditory processing disorder (APD), finds sound design to be especially crucial because they may hear sounds other people might miss.

On the surface, auditory processing disorder can look similar to hearing loss. With one, the listener is able to pick up sounds other than their own, while with the other the listener hears less.

Podcasts are not an easy task.

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