Marks & Spencer chief blasts EU for Brexit border controls – a ‘Fandangoof bureaucracy’

The supermarket is preparing for Christmas and has criticised EU border controls since Brexit. Archie Norman (chair of Marks & Spencer) stated that the delays of 24 hours on imports from Ireland or the rest of Europe were “of no use at all.”

He said that the EU’s rules for managing borders and the customs union were out-of-date and unsuited to their purpose.

Our product, fresh sandwiches, and ready-to-eat meals are being delayed for about one day. This is bad news if your sandwich is a sandwich.

We are getting around 80% of the product through. This is less than in France, which, as you can see, is draconian.

The announcement by Marks & Spencer follows that it is reviewing its future plans for France’s stores due to delays.

Link” href=””>UK confirms strict checks on EU meat imports to ‘protect sovereignty’

The Government may delay their implementation to allow businesses time to adjust.

The Government was told by Retailers on the high street that delays would not help, as they create more uncertainty.

“Most members of this group have put in a lot of effort and made significant investments in staff training and building new relationships with customs agents. It’s going to all be lost to some extent if it doesn’t begin on October 1, said Ian Wright, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation.

The government told us for six months that there would be no change, and so our credibility is at stake.

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