Parys Haralson, what happened? What happened to Parys Haralson?

Parys Haralson (ex-linebacker for San Francisco 49ers) has died at the age of 37. It is unknown what caused the death.

Haralson was the fifth round selection of the 49ers in 2006. He spent seven years with the 49ers before joining the New Orleans Saints. Haralson’s career totals 28 sacks and 275 tackles (49 loss), as well as 63 quarterback hits.

Haralson retired from playing after his career ended. He became the 49ers’ director of player engagement.

The following is a team statement:

Parys’ death shocked the 49ers.

“Parys was an adored member of our organisation who lived his life with an incredible amount of passion, joy and left an indelible impression on all those he met.

We extend condolences and sympathies to Parys’ loved ones.

Haralson was loved by the 49ers because he was approachable and friendly.

The NFL community responded to Haralson’s sudden death.

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