Platinum’s Kamiya speaks about the console manufacturers and developer responsibility for game preservation

Hideki Kamiya, Platinum Games’ creative director, has spoken out about the difficulties gamers have when trying to play older titles (and games by other developers) on their consoles. They aren’t supported because they don’t work with the latest consoles. Hideki Kamiya believes that both game developers and console manufacturers should take responsibility for preserving games to ensure that their customers have easy access to their old games. Microsoft admits that they do a good job with the Xbox consoles. Sony and Nintendo don’t.

What do collectors think of the sudden rise in prices for retro games? Some recent auctions worth millions of dollars were allegedly influenced by market manipulation.

KamiyaAs someone who collects, I know the attraction of having that sealed game. The value of that sealed package is what people want, not the actual game. It’s not a problem for a fan if they want to buy a game, but it isn’t possible because the market has made it impossible to get them.

The company who owns the IP is responsible for making those games accessible. People can’t play classic games because they aren’t available on any new platforms or in their original format. This is a problem that holds back game culture. These game owners should actively work to protect and make games accessible to all who want to.


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