SPIED: BMW M4CSL Tested with Funky Grille & New Spoiler

Spy photos have shown a BMW M3 or M4 model with more aerodynamics than stock. Many fans have wondered about the car’s nature. They were either CS models or CSL. The spy photos reveal yet another aggressive M4, but we now know what it is: the BMW M4 CSL. We don’t have the spy photos, but they can be viewed here.

The ducktail spoiler is the reason we know that it’s the BMW M4 CSL. Our sources say there will be two M4 models with higher performance: M4 CS (higher-performance model) and M4 CSL (lower performance model). The latter will feature a ducktail spoiler so it’s a giveaway. This test mule is showcasing the BMW M4 CSL spoiler.

We are a little puzzled by another feature of this test mule. We have never before seen an insert inside the irradiated bear-tooth grille. The insert looks like it has just two horizontal bars. One is in the upper grille, the other in the lower. Both have small “Y” shapes at the ends. Although we don’t yet know whether this is a finalized design, it must be at the very least on BMW’s list of possible designs. It’s unlikely that BMW will manufacture any grille inserts it doesn’t seriously consider making.

Photo by www.instagram.com/wilcoblok/

Because there are only two horizontal bars in the grille, we assume that BMW will claim it is needed for engine cooling. This seems unlikely considering the fact that many cars with similar or greater power outputs have smaller frontal openings. It’s a design change for the CSL, which I personally feel is merely. Or, it could be a change in design direction for the CSL. I already hear complaints from enthusiasts.

The BMW M4 CSL will be faster, lighter, sharper, and more aggressive than the E46 M3 CSL, but that’s all we know. Despite being the first CSL-model BMW M4 CSL since the E46 E46 CSL, we can bet our asses that it will thrill us to test drive, funky grille and all.

Source: Autoblog

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