The UK’s enormous vaccine success rate is just 1.2% for double-jabbed.

Link” href=””>Covid within the UK; 38,964 of which were of unvaccinated people. These stark stats show how successful the Covid vaccine programme is. Only 1.2 percent died from the disease in the UK if they were all fully vaccinated. When the second Covid vaccine was administered, at least 458 people died within 21 days.

256 people died from fully administered jabs. Their first positive PCR test was done at 14 days.

Covid is not a vaccine that is 100% effective. Therefore, the authorities in health have stated that there will be some deaths from this horrible disease.

Public Health England (PHE), estimated that being 100% vaccinated lowers the risk of getting hospitalized from the Delta variant of influenza by 94 percent.

According to the latest ONS statistics, Covid deaths are significantly less for people who have had their jabs doubled.

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The details revealed that over three quarters of the 252 Covid deaths in double-jabbed patients were in clinically very vulnerable individuals.

Duncan Robertson, a Loughborough University data analyst who has focused on Covid-19 modeling and analysis, commented on these findings.

The ONS data clearly shows the importance of getting fully vaccinated.

Full vaccination provides very high, but not perfect protection from death. Having only one dose of vaccine offers considerably less protection.


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Robertson said that approximately one million older people are still not fully vaccinated.

Additionally, people who live in the most deprived areas of the country are more likely to not have their vaccines up to date than those in less deprived regions.

According to the most recent Government statistics, 44,048,093 individuals have been double-jabbed in the UK as of Monday, September 13.

There is however a troubling trend as winter draws near.

Covid has been responsible for 6 917 hospital admissions in the last seven days.

Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) will announce on Tuesday September 14th the UK’s winter Covid Plan.

The conference will air live on televised, and a time frame has yet to be determined.

Boris Johnson may address the nation at 5pm based on similar announcements.

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