“Works great”: Mrs Hinch’s fans share their best tips for improving kitchen tin tray appearances

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Another suggested: “Really hot water, dishwasher tablets.”

A person said: “As a child, I was taught that you are not supposed to clean them. Just wipe it down with some kitchen paper.”

Another said, “Wash it out as quickly as you can before the oil dries. Or soak in Elbow Grease to remove it.”

A group member suggested using a Brillopad.

Another said, “Always soak” before washing them.

I soak the sponge for about an hour, then rinse it with plain water.

Online user wrote: “I will be truthful, my trays are my grandmother’s. These trays have been around for over 50 years in an unremarkable condition.

We wash them in warm soapy water, then dry them. If friends come over to visit us, we use our muffin cases. You can grease the muffin cases if they are not already lightly greased.

Another person said, “A little bit of scaring while cooking won’t hurt anyone.” Happy baking.”

A group member wrote: “Don’t be concerned about markings on baking tins.

They won’t impact your baking. They’re almost black but they don’t affect my baking.

A group member suggested that oil could be sprayed on a tray of tin, and added: “I would only grease them with butter in the future. Then you can wipe with a damp cloth once they have cooled, or soak in warm, water, and wipe.”

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