A new investment opportunity that will change the future of pizza making

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Traditional pizzerias can find it expensive to make pizza. Pizza-making is labour intensive. But people love pizza! Pizza is a popular choice for takeout because it’s versatile, easy to eat, and almost universal availability. There is still plenty of room for innovation. Piestro claims that its “industry-changing technology will double traditional pizzeria profits and has led to an alliance with 800 Degrees Pizza.


Piestro offers pizza innovation.

One business has decided to capitalize on the popularity of pizza to create a future-proof pizzeria. Piestro, a robotic pizza machine, aims to transform the industry. It allows existing businesses to make pizza faster and more cost-effectively, while also allowing them to expand their reach to any area with high foot traffic.

Piestro is an all in one pizza-making machine. The internal process of the machine selects the base and applies the sauce. It then adds toppings according to customers’ preferences – this can be done via the touchscreen or via mobile apps. Also, the pie is cooked on-the-spot in just three minutes. This is a faster method than traditional pizza making by hand.

Piestro recently announced a partnership with 800 Degrees Pizza. The company is headed by Anthony Carron and has locations throughout Los Angeles, Miami. Tokyo. Singapore, Tokyo, Tokyo, and elsewhere. The commercial partnership is valued at $530M. It will start with 3,600 machines and be sold over five years. This partnership will drive further growth as well as allow customers to have pizza anytime, anywhere in high traffic areas. The partnership will offer consumers fully automated pizza using Chef Anthony’s innovative approach to pizza making. Piestro’s partnership will result in tremendous growth. It will also help to introduce 800 Degrees Pizza to highly-trafficked, easily-accessible locations around the globe.

High output and lower cost

Piestro is a machine that allows traditional pizza shops to produce more food at lower prices. It also provides customers with quick and easy meals in busy areas. Customers can watch the pizzas being made in their machine’s entertaining window.

Customers can have a quick bite at any hour, and the machine is open 24 hours a day. Piestro can cut down on costs by placing machines at various locations, such as the beach or in food court areas, college campuses and in other high-traffic areas.

The pizza-making technology can be an investment alternative.

Piestro machines can reduce the cost of making pizzas and their retail footprint. They also offer food made with high-quality ingredients at lower prices. Americans are more busy than ever with fast and delicious food choices on the move becoming a priority.

Piestro machines can be a cheaper way to create pizzas and target customers who need quick meals. The Piestro machine, which is still under development, makes a great investment option for anyone looking to diversify his holdings. Piestro can double the profits of traditional pizzerias, up to 48 percent from 22 percent.

Piestro machines make pizza faster and for half the price for Americans who are busy. Get in on the action and invest today to join the Blue Bottle, Miso and MindBody Online investors. But hurry! The campaign ends September 30.

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