Aaron Rodgers offers interesting explanations for the first two interceptions of Packers against Saints loss

Although it doesn’t often happen, Aaron Rodgers can have a terrible game.

It’s not only bad games, however, that Rodgers find extremely rare — interceptions even more so.

Against the spread

Yet, the NFL’s reigning MVP still had two wins in Sunday’s 38-3 defeat to New Orleans by the Packers in Jacksonville. He had interesting reasons for the first one on “The Pat McAfee show.”

Video Warning: contains the NSFW language

Rodgers details the unique circumstances leading to interception, in a very graphic and honest video.

Rodgers stated, “I step up into the pocket and was going to throw across my body Devante [Adams] using a shallow cross. Right before I’m throwing it I take a left clothingline and a right-cross and that led to a double nuts shot.” It was painful.

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Rodgers was also very open about his team’s performance, but he did give praise to his offensive line.

This was Rodgers’ first game with 2 interceptions (since October last year) and his second season opener, with 2 interceptions (since 2010, when Rodgers became the first Super Bowl winner).

McAfee interviewed Rodgers for nearly an hour. He also stated that he received numerous text messages reminding Rodgers of the Super Bowl’s last loss to New Orleans 38-3.

Perhaps it was part of an effort to win the Packers another Lombardi Trophy or perhaps it was just an unusually bad performance by Rodgers.

He made it crystal clear that he was focusing on the upcoming matchup of his team on Monday Night Football.

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