Apex Legends Patch Notes: Check out the major Season 10 Changes HERE

Apex Legends’ update for today can be downloaded now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It contains some exciting changes.

This week’s patch includes a complete event. While that is the main story, most people will want to hear more about Respawn’s decision to balance.

As with major updates there are some details left in the patch notes.

They are easy to locate and contain all of the important news fans want.

Below are the top 10 Apex Legends Season 10 Notes that Fans Will Want to Know About:



  • Sheila is now mobile

    • Rampart can now run with Sheila and take photos while she walks. This spin-up is more difficult and Rampart only receives 1 magazine.

    • You can remove Sheila once it is finished.

    • You can place Sheila at any time for your team members to use. It can be placed again and it will act exactly the same as before. It is impossible to pick it up again.

It is difficult to create a legend in Apex Legends that only focuses on defensive positions. Rampart is a great defensive Legend. However, we want to allow her to work with her teammates and be more reactive. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and adjust as necessary.




Bocek Compound bow

  • The Drawing speed has been slightly decreased from 0.56 to 0.54

  • Bricks now have 16 Arrows

  • Arrows in inventory stack increased by 28 to 32


Dev Notes – The Hemlok’s hipfire efficiency was decreased a few years ago. Since then, the weapon’s use has been steadily declining. The weapon should feel more stable in close quarters, without becoming dominant or losing its mid-range effectiveness.

Smash Caps – Bocek Comppound Bow

Shaatter Caps 30-30 Repeater

Dev Notes – Shatter Caps feel incredible when they work, but it can be a bit punishing to switch into this mode at the moment. Shatters will feel more accessible and enjoyable if the damage pot is increased and the CQC flow for the 30-30 improved.


  • The Cooling-off Time has been slightly increased

  • Replacement time for overheat lenses slightly increased

  • Rounds prior to overheat decreased at base and all Energy Magazine Tiers

    • Basis: 22 to 20

    • White: 24 to 22

    • Blue: 26 to 24

    • Gold/Purple: 28-26

  • Arenas price adjustments:

    • Basis: 500-600

    • Blue: 300-250

    • Violet: 400-350

Dev Notes. We are adjusting the L-STAR core stats to make it smoother in power progression. This will allow us to have a healthier top-end. As we move into the second part of Emergence, we’ll be keeping an eye on L-STAR’s recoil and other aspects. Arenas is well aware that it exists in high-level lobby areas and we are pricing it out from the first round. The changes increase the blue price by 50, while the purple price remains the same. We will make further adjustments if the pick rate is not changed.


Dev Notes – The EVA-8 has a lot more power than its counterparts the PK or Mastiff in terms of speed and leniency. We’re reducing some spike damage from the EVA-8 to make it more competitive in terms of fire rate and consistency. To maintain consistency in the shotgun classes, we’re also normalizing Mozambique to allow the P2020 more space and be more accurate early-game weapon.




We announced earlier this week that we would “remove tap strafing,” which was met with shock by many enthusiasts of movement. Tap-strafing can be used to describe different types of movement depending on whom you ask. It is used internally to refer to what scroll-wheel strafing is.

This change is more specific and targets several rapid directional commands following jumping. For controllers, and M&K (mouse/keyboard) players that hadn’t yet heard the term “tapstrafe”, movement should be unchanged. This is possible thanks to the efforts of two of our engineers. We can also modify or revert the movement on the fly without the need for a client update.

We want to reduce the sharpness of momentum conservation at 90deg+ angles. This is what I am referring to when I refer to tap-strafe in this blog post. Wall-bounce redirects to the same wall shouldn’t feel different, however scroll-wheel strafing allows for movement.

Tap-strafing being a special M&K mechanic has prompted many platforms to ask about our approach for controller-specific systems such as aim assist. Apex’s players continue to evolve and it is prudent that we keep checking whether aim assist should be adjusted. We take notice of top-level controllers who say that they are okay with the nerfing of aim assist. To remain competitive, players shouldn’t feel forced into using a particular input type.

People often say “Gee, dangit, Respawn’s balance decisions cater to controller gamers.” My best response is “When it comes down to accessibility, we frequently must consider controller people given the constraints compared with M&K. However, accessibility doesn’t mean the same thing as balance design and it is a strawman argument that it should be treated as such.”

We believe that tap-strafing is a problem of design. We don’t think it would make sense to tap-strafe in an M&K-only Apex scenario, where M&K and controller could do the same thing, because of three reasons.

It’s extremely difficult to access. It’s an obscure technique, which is practically impossible to understand organically. The most extreme examples will require the use of a keybind.

Tap-strafes are difficult to read and have limited counter play. As far as Octane pads and path grapples, I have seen videos of high-skilled players breaking their ankles while trying to figure out what to do. Although it isn’t common, I worry about the evolution of this as players improve their tap-strafe skills.

Tap-strafing can be exacerbated when a person has movement capabilities. This is the third and most important point. Although a tap-strafe with normal velocity during a gunfight is rare, it’s mild enough not to immediately cause fire. However, Path grappling with and tapping-strafing into your face by a Mastiff or Octane cranking at 90s while maintaining incredible speed raises greater gameplay concerns.

Mobile creep should be avoided in Apex. Apex’s mobility system is loved by many, but there are also constraints. Mobility legends are very popular, so it’s no surprise that they are extremely in demand. We should do even more of this. Mobility creep is a problem that can lead to new challenges over time. I would say it’s already happening. What does mobility mean for third-partying? How are the frontlines in a fight defined? What is the fastest way to close the distance on my enemy? Apex was designed as a game with limited movement options.

It’s important that we remember that not all limitations equate with lowering skill gaps. There are skills-gaps when working within restrictions. One could argue that bunny-hop healing lowered the skill-ceiling–players could make up for misplays with less constraints on their ability to safely heal. When we reach perfect air control for the better or worse, different types of skill expression can be changed.

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