Apple Watch, iPads and iPhones Announced Today

Get to know the Apple Watch, the iPhone Mini and the Apple iPhone 3.

It’s already September, so it means that it’s now time to get new iPhones. Apple broadcast a virtual launch from its headquarters in Cupertino today, just as it has done over the last year and half. These remote functions can continue for quite some time, as Apple has delayed the plan to have employees come back to work until next year.

Apple showed four brand new iPhone models in addition to its new iPad Mini and Apple Watch, and updated its customers about its services and software.

This is everything Apple has announced.

Hi iPhone 13,

Photograph: Apple

You have four options for iPhone 13: There are four versions of iPhone 13, starting with the Mini at 5.4 inches and ending up at the Pro Max at 6.7 inches. The visual differences between the two models is minimal design-wise. The notch, which is the most well-known, has been reduced a little.

Each phone is equipped with Apple’s 15 Bionic chip. This chip allows enhanced features such as live text analysis and advanced map animations. It also lets you instantly identify plants and animals by visualizing them on your phone. There are now more storage options. Pro phones have 128GB storage, while the cheaper models can hold 1 Terabyte.

Read our report about the iPhone 13 to see all its features. iPhone 13 Mini is $699; the iPhone 13 Pro starts at $799 and the Pro Max at $1,099. The preorders will open on Friday and phones will be made available starting September 24.

Apple did not briefly touch on privacy features in the iPhones’ new iPhones at today’s event. Perhaps because Apple was trying to stay out of the recent photo scanning controversy that it has found itself in,

Camera Tricks

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The most striking update was Apple’s Cinematic Mode, a new feature that allows you to record video on your iPhone. This is a video portrait mode which automatically blurs background and changes focus to create a adjustable bokeh effect. You can adjust focus and depth of field even after you have finished filming with Pro-model smartphones. You can also film in Apple’s ProRes format.

iPhone Pro models have received upgrades to the three lenses, telephoto (wide), ultrawide, and wide. New advanced options are available for photo correction and enhancements on iPhone Pro that adjust images automatically based on colors and skin tones.

iPad mini and new iPad

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A significant update was made to the smallest iPads. Apple’s iPad Mini has a more modern aesthetic than its recently redesign tablets. The iPad Mini is thinner and has softly rounded corners. At 8.3 inches, the screen now measures slightly larger. The Touch ID sensor was moved to the outside rim in order to accommodate the larger format. There is now a USB-C connector at the bottom. This looks like one giant iPhone.

The tablet comes equipped with a 5G modem and 4K cameras. The Mini is compatible with Apple Pencil 2, which wireless charges on the side. It will go on sale next week for $499.

Apple also recently updated the base model iPad. Apple claims that the A13 Bionic chip gives the cheapest iPad a 20% performance increase over its predecessor. Particularly the front-facing lens has been upgraded. The 12-megapixel ultrawide camera supports Apple’s Portal-esque Center Stage technology. This keeps you in the frame while you are moving around during a video conference. Strangely the camera remains in an incongruous position on the side when the device is in landscape mode. The simplest iPad works only with the first-generation Apple Pencils. The price starts at $329 for 64GB storage.

Apple Watch – New

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Apple’s latest smartwatch is the Apple Watch Series 7. It has an enhanced display, which is what makes it stand out. The updates to the most widely used health tracker in the world feel incremental this year. Apple has not yet revealed a release date, suggesting that earlier reports about production delays are correct.

When it ships, the Apple Watch Series 7 will feature a Retina display and 20 percent more screen space than its predecessor Series 6. The watch’s smaller bezels and slightly rounded corners make this possible. Apple claims that the display is 70% brighter indoors with your wrist down. This allows you to do discreet time checks and the watch itself is more robust and dust-resistant.

This screen is larger and allows you to read text on your watch more easily. Native apps have larger buttons on the screen. The watch now has a fully functional keyboard. The Apple Watch’s battery life, which is about 18 hours on a single charge, is not significantly improved. This is the main drawback. However, the company claims that it now charges more quickly.

It isn’t the radical redesign that was rumored for the Watch. The Watch’s sales have been phenomenal so maybe the redesign wasn’t necessary. The Series 3 will be available for $399, and the Series SE and Series SE watches will retail at $199 and $279 respectively. Are you sorry Series 6 and 5?

Be More Fit

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Apple’s subscription service Health+ was launched in 2013. It took full advantage of Appleā€™s hardware integration. You can start a workout using your Apple TV, track your progress on your Apple Watch and check your iPhone stats. It lacked one key feature: Competing fitness apps, such as Fitbit and Peloton, offer group classes and large social networks which allow you to invite friends and work out in unison.

Fitness+ today announced group workouts. You can easily navigate to Fitness+ and join a class with your friends if you are in a group chat thread, FaceTime or message board. You can see not only your workout data, but also your friends’ Burn Bars and rings. If you haven’t spent a year in a pandemic, then you can invite 32 of your friends or casual acquaintances.

Ted Ligety is a two-time Olympic gold medalist for combined events and giant slalom. He has a lot of knowledge about hip stability and core strength.

These meditations are soothing and relate to the pandemic. You’ll find them in Fitness+, as well as the Mindfulness app for your iPhone. You get one month of Fitness+ trial for free if you sign up as a new user. However, if your Apple Watch is purchased, three months are included. The Apple One subscription includes Fitness+, up to six Apple services and is available for one fee.

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