Apple will be up against Calm, Headspace and Fitness+ with new updates to Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ has had a makeover.

The app received major updates during the eagerly awaited event. You’ll now have Fitness+ in fifteen new countries, in six additional languages and be able take some completely new classes.

Apple announced that guided meditations, which focus on gratitude and kindness are among the changes made to the app. You can meditate with your favourite trainer, and the meditations will be both audio-visual and video. It sounds very similar to Calm and Headspace, although we haven’t yet tried it.

“Guided meditation will soon be available to Fitness+” img alt=”Guided Meditation is Coming to Fitness+!” class=”border border-gray-100″ height=”1125″ loading=”lazy” sizes=”(max-width: 1408px) 100vw, 1408px” src=”” srcset=” 800w, 1400w, 1600w” width=”2000″/>

Guided meditation coming to Fitness+

Apple is also adding pilates to its app. Each week, new workouts are added that can be modified for both beginners and professionals. You’ll also soon be able to find new programs that will prepare you for winter sports.

SharePlay’s new fitness classes for groups are sure to appeal to those who enjoy being competitive with their friends and foes. It will be possible to track your friends’ workouts and exercise with them via your iPhone, iPad and AirPlay. You can also work out together with up to 30 others simultaneously.

Fitness+ will have most of the new features by late this month. Group fitness will arrive later in the fall.

The story is still in development.

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