Apple’s latest iPad features a larger screen and twice as much storage…but the same price in the UK

Apple’s entry-level iPad has been updated with a larger screen. This announcement was made at the September launch event where Apple also revealed the next iPhone model. Apple’s keynote presentation, titled “California Streaming”, revealed that the PS329 iPad screen has been increased to 10.5 inches. The base model’s price is the same, but Apple doubled its storage, which is an added bonus.

Apple reduced the border around the display to increase its screen size, which was 10.2 inches on the older model. This did not affect the tablet’s physical footprint. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will see the exact same screen design on iPad Air or iPad Pro models.

The bezels surrounding the screen have been made thinner. The borders of the PS329 iPad are still thick enough to hold a Home Button. They also have Touch ID fingerprint scanners to authenticate online Apple Pay payments.

Apple used the exact same hardware design twice previously, beginning with June 2017’s second-generation iPad Pro. The 10.5 inch form factor was still used in the 3rd-generation iPad Air when the iPad Pro went all-screen with Face ID facial recognition. Apple has rediscovered the 10.5 inch case design for the most affordable iPad Air, even though the screen is now all-screen.

The new iPad’s A13 Bionic processor is inside, replacing its predecessor A12. Apple claims that the iPad will perform 20 percent faster and should run faster than many Chromebooks. Chromebooks are a popular choice in education. A13 Bionic’s improved Image Signal Processor (or ISP) will improve photos taken with the rear-facing camera.

The iPad now has a new front-facing 12MP camera. Apple has added Centre Stage to its iPad. This feature was introduced with the iPad Pro’s all-new iPad Pro in 2013. AI uses AI to focus automatically on the subject of the call. The camera appears to be following you around as you move…or young callers racing around the room.

The latest iPad comes with iPadOS 15 out of the box. iPadOS 15 offers a variety of new and useful features. You can place rich widgets on your homescreen, breaking up the app grid.

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