“Building the plane while flying it”: This is how a publicist created one of the country’s most popular agencies

Rosie Mattio had a difficult time in her career for several years as she was raising four children and working with her husband on a start-up. Then, the publicist was offered a job that seemed both interesting and bizarre: to promote “The Stoner’s Cookbook.”

It was in 2010, when the marijuana industry in Seattle was just beginning to grow. In 2017, she founded Mattio Communications.

Mattio stated that he should have been more careful or more nervous but that he thought it was an interesting chance. The What I Know podcast. “I felt that this was an opportunity for me to share my main background with this emerging space.”

A single gig became many. All of them represented cannabis retailers and brands, pitching their stories to niche media as well as mainstream media. She was still an individual business two years later. Her business had twelve clients and she was desperate to grow beyond her abilities.

After bringing in a business partner, she began to hire slowly but carefully. Her firm has seen a 2,244 percent increase in revenue over the last three years and exceeded $4 million. It ranked No. It ranked No. 190 in the Inc. 5000, and Mattio was dubbed the “Cannabis Queen” by media. There are now 44 people working in the business’ three locations.

Mattio has demonstrated a remarkable ability to take on difficult challenges and, without hesitation, to commit to overcoming them. This is what has led to the explosive growth in recent years. When some clients began to go public in Canada in cannabis, Mattio asked them for suggestions for investor relations. She recalled saying, “Oh, it’s possible!” She says that a lot of the work is done while the plane is being built. Her publicity agency had to scale beyond what she knew best. She also needed to branch out into five other departments with specialties in investor relations and promotion.

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