Car theft: What are the most popular models that can be stolen? Do you have one?

We have shared information about the cars that are most vulnerable to catalytic converter theft as well as insurance advice. Comparatively to the beginning of January, there was a significant increase in vehicle theft at the end June.

The number of searches for car thefts on Google has also increased since January. More drivers are searching for ways to protect their cars.

Google is the number one search engine for questions about catalytic converter theft.

According to Leicestershire Police the Honda Jazz, Honda Accord and Toyota Prius are the most popular cars that have had their catalytic converts stolen.

The theft of catalytic converters has dropped in general this year, thanks to a new approach by police officers across the country.

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A common query regarding car crime is whether car insurance covers theft.

Leasing Options experts say general theft coverage is available, but drivers need to check their insurance policy regularly.

According to them, “Most comprehensive auto insurance should cover both theft and vandalism.”

However, comprehensive car insurance does not typically cover items stolen from the vehicle, like a purse or phone. Comprehensive car insurance only covers permanent components and features.

In the same way, many people Googled “liability car insurance for theft” to find out if it covers them.

As the primary purpose of liability insurance, which covers bodily injury as well as property damage, it is highly unlikely that theft insurance for car owners will be covered.

Drivers are increasingly concerned about the theft of keyless cars, as thieves become more sophisticated.

The keyless method of car theft is when thieves take the car without having the keys or fob.

Specialist equipment is used to transmit your car key signal from your home to a transmitter.

This transmitter tricks the car into believing that the key is near, allowing the thieves to unlock the vehicle and take off.

This can be prevented by drivers by keeping their keys out of doors and placing them in a secure signal jamming pouch or box.

A common question that people have is about anti-theft and whether or not a car alarm could be considered one.

Anti-theft devices are any car device that stops the vehicle from being stolen, damaged, or helps in recovering a stolen car.

The purpose of a car alarm is to prevent potential thieves from setting up shop in your vehicle.

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