Eve Online unveils a new user experience. It will be available at the Epic Games Store

Pilot program.

Eve Online launched its first piece of the revamped player experience.

CCP, the developer of the Epic Games Store has announced that the complex MMO launch in space will take place on September 23rd. CCP stated that Eve Online will be the “premier MMO” on the Epic Games Store.

Quadrant 3 is Gateway. This new experience revolves around themed activities that welcome both new and returning players at Eve Online’s 18-year old Eve Online. Below is the trailer.

Players who are new to the game will find a rich, emotional narrative when they board.

This game introduces the players to new characters who teach them how to navigate a ship and survive firefights.

You’ll be able to understand the basics of the game once you have completed the training program.

Quadrant 3 is now live. It adds content to New Eden and updates the balance, including changes in resource distribution. This signals the beginning of more updates regarding the scarcity for resources.

CCP stated that players can look forward to further changes in resource distribution during the fourth quadrant of 2021. This will begin November 2021.

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