“F*** off!” Jeremy Clarkson fumes while a’selfish person’ circles around the family home

Link” href=”https://www.express.co.uk/latest/jeremy-clarkson” target=”_blank”>Jeremy Clarkson, 61, is no stranger to making his opinions known when it comes to things that annoy him. He raged at the plane that flew over his farm, and now the broadcaster is speaking out.

Jeremy lives in Oxfordshire where he manages the Diddly Squat Farm.

The Grand Tour presenteder, who also helmed his television program earlier in the year, made this location very popular.

Clarkson’s Farm was a name Jeremy used to use when he had to manage a farm.

The star appears to have another issue, as he explained to his 7.5million followers.

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Clarkson’s Farm’s star is often annoyed by planes that fly over his land.

He regularly uploads photos of people flying above the airspace over his house to his Instagram.

He shared his two “w *****”” and one “c*** ending” in July.

Current UK aviation regulations allow aircraft to fly over 1000 ft within a constructed area, or 500 ft away from structures, people, vessels, and vehicles.

You can also file complaints about unsafe or dangerous drone flying.

Jeremy also met with the locals to discuss his plans for the farm.

He told ITV News that he was about to enter the meeting at the local gathering last week.

Jeremy said, “Someone gave me the finger on my way in.”

Farmers Weekly was informed by a local that the meeting had been extremely positive after it concluded.

An attendee who did not want to be identified said that Clarkson had explained to him that he would no longer take over the abandoned lambing shed, and that he wanted it to turn into a restaurant or cafe.

Rural folk are not fond of change but his promise to assist the village in its functions was very well received.

He did an admirable job by trying to organize the meeting. However, he should have started it earlier.

He was subject to criticism from some, but Jeremy Clarkson creates employment. “He’s doing great things.”

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