Here are seven tips that will help you ‘get your house ready for autumn’: How to make your house look great in the fall

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Autumn is a great time for a home-cleaning. Kathryn Hall (founder of Kath & Kin) said that “It is an annual tradition for many to blitz their house every March but it’s just as important to change the season from warmer to cooler months.

It is even more crucial.

Summer bedding

Some people might have chosen lighter duvets in the summer, but as temperatures drop, it will become necessary to use warmer bedding.

You can take out summer bedding and replace it with a warm duvet.

Kathryn recommended vacuum-packing summer bedding that has been cleaned before you store it away.

Dates to be checked in the medicine cabinet

It is easy to forget about the date of your medicine. Therefore, it is important that you dispose of any expired items and replace them with essentials.

Windows and doors

It’s easier to give the windows and front doors a clean than it is to have them cleaned during winter.

It’s important to check that the windows are properly fitted when cleaning them. This will ensure that heat doesn’t escape in the winter months.

Kathryn recommended cleaning out a child’s room after completing a clean-out.

This is a great opportunity to sweep under your bed and clean up furniture.

She recommended sorting out any items that could be donated, or being thrown away.

Kathryn stated that autumn doesn’t always have to mean cold nights or long dark days. Get your house ready for autumn and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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