Holiday nightmare: A camper describes a ‘horrible camping trip’ in Portugal. ‘It was terrifying,’ he said.


If your caravan isn’t up to standard in hygiene, it could lead to you having to use the bathroom on the edge of the field. That was definitely not what I had hoped for from my Portugal trip.

They had other issues at Portuguese campsites where they were staying for the night.

We had problems with insects and mosquitoes, which is another problem when renting a van cheaply.

We stayed on a campsite that was near the parking area for caravans. It had a small pond filled with water.

“At night the mosquitoes would eat our flesh to the point that we could not even open windows to breathe fresh air.

Elle continued, “Our van was equipped with mosquito nets, but the nets were damaged and we found hundreds of mosquitos in the van at night at campsites near Portugal. It was terrible.

The rest of the campsites where we stayed weren’t great, but they were okay. She admitted that she had stayed at more luxurious sites in the UK.

We decided one day to stay the night on top of the cliff. Although the views were spectacular, it was windy at night and we thought that we might fall off the cliff. It was frightening.

It was scary. It was dark, there wasn’t any safe places to go, it became really difficult to find help, and the weather became extremely harsh.

We decided to drive to the closest camping, but the wind made it impossible to do so.

It was the most horrible experience I have ever had in my entire life.

I recommend that you get a van with good equipment, even though it may be more costly. My lesson was clear.

“I’d definitely go back camping, but this time with a bigger van and having done extensive research on the campsites in advance.”

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