Josh Gordon’s reinstatement: Why the NFL might lift suspension of large receivers — again

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Tuesday that Josh Gordon may be eligible for NFL reinstatement once he has completed his league-monitored rehabilitation program. Roger Goodell, the NFLPA’s commissioner, is still the final authority to lift Gordon’s suspension.

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Gordon’s possible reinstatement is the next chapter of his slowing and frustrating NFL career. When he was able to play, Gordon proved himself to be one the best receivers in the league. However, his struggles with substance abuse and subsequent NFL suspensions has dominated his time at the league. It remains to be determined if he is able to stay on the exempt list of commissioners for good, if at all.

Sporting News now breaks down Gordon’s chances of reinstatement and the NFL suspensions that he’s faced.

What is the reason Josh Gordon was reinstated in the NFL

Since December 2019, Gordon was indefinitely suspended by the NFL. The league conditionally reinstated Gordon in December 2020. He had previously signed with the Seahawks in June 2019, with confidence that he would return to full-time play later in the season. However, it was canceled on January 15, 2021.

A spokesperson for the NFL told ESPN that Gordon had broken the substance abuse policy of the league, but offered no additional details. Gordon , former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, joined the Zappers of Fan Controlled Football on January 21st.

Gordon submitted later his reinstatement letter to Goodell, in July.

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How did Josh Gordon get suspended?

Gordon was suspended indefinitely in December 2019 for violating the NFL’s policies on performance-enhancing substances and substances of abuse.

A spokesperson for the NFL told ESPN that he had broken the substance-abuse policy. He did not offer further information, but sources informed ESPN that he was having a difficult time recovering from his addiction.

Is Josh Gordon ever suspended more than once?

When the NFL suspended Gordon in December 2019, it was his fifth suspension related to the NFL’s policies on substances of abuse and performance-enhancing drugs and sixth overall. Here is the timeline of Gordon’s suspensions during his time in the NFL.

June 7, 2013, Gordon is charged with violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. For the Browns’ two first games, he is expelled.

August. August 27, 2014. Gordon was suspended for one year after he violated the substance abuse policy of the League for the second time.

December. Dec. 27, 2014 — Gordon’s suspension by the Browns is for one match for violating team rules.

February. February 3, 2015 — Gordon has been suspended by the NFL. He is not eligible to play again until the start of 2016.

December. Dec. 20, 2018, Gordon announced that he will be focusing on his mental health and he would like to retire from football. The NFL suspended him for indefinitely hours after he violated its substance abuse policy.

Dec. 16, 2019 — Gordon is suspended indefinitely for violating league policies on performance-enhancing substances and substances of abuse.

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How old is Josh Gordon?

On April 13, Gordon celebrated his 30th birthday. He will be playing in his 7th NFL season in 2021, regardless of his age, if the league reinstates him.

In 2013, the former All-Pro receiver put together one of the best receiving seasons in the league — in his second season in the league. He was 23 years old when he caught 87 passes, for an league-leading 1,646 yards with nine touchdowns. Gordon was unable to replicate that dominating season, though he played only five games in 2014, and missed the entire 2015-16 seasons.

Since 2013, he has played less than six games per season. He did so once for New England in 2018 and then again for New England in 2019. In 2019, he was able to play six for New England, and five for Seattle.

Which team is Josh Gordon with?

Gordon will become a free agent if he is reinstated. He was released from his contract by the Seahawks in March 2021, which is also where he last played. Also, he played for New England (2018-19), Cleveland (2012-14), 2017-18 and Seattle (2019).

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