Microsoft names Brad Smith Vice Chair, Plans $60B Share Buyback and Sets Nov. 30, Annual Meeting

Microsoft President Brad Smith. (GeekWire File Photo / Dan DeLong)

Brad Smith is the Microsoft President who manages its government, legal, and public affairs operations. He has been appointed vice-chair of the company. This was approved by the board.

Satya Nadella , Microsoft CEO, said that the announcement reflected the “unique leadership role” Brad has played for the company and our board of directors, as well as me and with other stakeholders worldwide. According to the company, Smith will report to Nadella.

Smith was a long-standing general counsel for Microsoft, helping to lead the company through its antitrust period. Since then, he has taken on an expanded role as Microsoft’s general counsel, representing the company in a variety of policy-related and social issues including cybersecurity, government relations and other issues.

He warns in , a revised edition of his book Tools & Weapons about the tightly-controlled silos of cyberattack information that persist within U.S. government agencies.

The board of Microsoft also revealed a plan to purchase back as much as $60 billion in shares. It also declared a quarterly dividend at 62 cents per share. This is 11% more than the previous quarter. According to the company, its annual meeting will be held via webcast on November 30.

Publited at Wed 15 Sep 2021, 00:33.06 +0000

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