Nicola Sturgeon LIVE! Holyrood Showdown TODAY, as the SNP faces furious backlash against its vaccine plan

Sturgeon is being urged to reconsider her plans by the licensed trade sector in Scotland and Holyrood’s opposition leaders. The First Minister said vaccine passports had a role to play in the prevention of future lockdowns, and an increase in COVID-19 case. This is in spite of the fact Sajid Javid’s announcement on Sunday about plans to scrap vaccine passports for England.

Javid stated to the BBC: “We shouldn’t be doing it for the sake of being done”, adding that the high levels of vaccine uptake and testing had prevented a significant rise in winter cases.

But, Scotland plans to continue to offer vaccine passports starting October 1.

Only double-jabbed people will have the right to attend large sporting events or nightclubs.

Sturgeon defended the decision by stating that passports were part of a “package of measures”.

Link” data-name=”Vaccine passports plans AXED by UK Government” href=”” target=”_blank”>Vaccine passports plans AXED by UK Government

She admitted, however, that passports are unlikely to boost vaccine uptake when she appeared on Trevor Phillips’ Sunday Sky News show.

Professor Stephen Reicher is one of Sturgeons Covid advisors. He highlighted two recent studies that suggested vaccine passports could backfire. They will render vaccination appear like a control measure.

Paul Waterson, spokesperson for The Scottish Licensed Trade Association stated to The Telegraph that there is no evidence that the increase in cases could be attributed to hospitality events.

“Westminster has looked at it, and they have made a U-turn. I think the same should happen in Scotland.”

These plans were also condemned by the chief executive of Scotland’s professional football league (SPFL), who warned that it wouldn’t be possible to verify that all spectators at each event have been double-jabbed.

Sturgeon was asked to use spot checks as an alternative. He said it was more practical.


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