Paul McCartney condemns John Hughes’ movie The Beatles

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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), one of John Hughes’ most iconic images, was one of these movies.

Hughes is best known for his unique come-of-age movies, including Pretty In Pink and Sixteen Candles.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the title character was played by Matthew Broderick. He then commandeered a parade car and sang a version of Twist and Shut from The Beatles in 1963 with a brass band.

Paul McCartney admitted that he was not happy with the treatment of the song in the movie years later.

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McCartney stated to William Dowling, 1989, that he liked the film, but it was overdubbed with some poor brass.

We would have put it on ourselves if it needed brass!

He is talking about brass, which includes many trumpets, sousaphones and saxophones that were seen in the movie’s parade. They all joined Bueller’s Twist and Shout.

McCartney was not allowed to dictate how the Beatles music should be used in film, despite having sold his songs.

Hughes continued to defend his filmmaking decisions.

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Hughes continued, “But it was not really part of the song.”

We saw the band onscreen and needed to hear their instruments.

The American film director, despite this setback, was delighted with the final product.

Later, he spoke out candidly about Broderick being his titular hero.

Hughes stated: “Certain men would have played Ferris, and you’d have thought: Where’s mine?'” I needed that look. That charm was essential.

Jimmy Stewart could’ve played Ferris at 15 Matthew was what I needed.”

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