PUBG Mobile Update – Do not miss the chance to download PUBG 1.6 for free

Link” href=”” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>PUBG Mobile 1.6 has started rolling out, and it comes with a special deal for anyone who downloads the new patch.

Official PUBG Update Notes state that anyone who has downloaded the most recent version can get several items for free in-game.

This new offer is available for only a limited time and will close September 19.

Anyone who is interested in adding 2,888 BP and 100 AG to their account should update it as soon as they can.

You should note that the PUBG Update today requires 690 MB storage on Android and 1.68 GB for iOS.

Today’s PUBG update was pretty much the same as yesterday, but Tencent added new features and options.

New weapons are not included, however there are fan-favorite modes that will be returning.

In addition to the Flora Menace activity, Gamers can also return to Metro Royale or other games for a brief period.

Below are the patch notes for PUBG Mobile 1.6. They include these changes:


Yarilo, an alien plant known for invading Erangel, has invaded the area. The Yarilo absorbed special energy and quickly overtook major urban centers. They also created the Rejuvenation Barrier which is a barrier that has healing properties.

Due to the invasion, The Cell Matrix has become a huge spaceship carrying everyone’s hope of escape.

Visit the Cell Matrix for investigations and to reclaim energy. Enjoy amazing battles, random weapon drops, and respawns. DynaHex Supplies will keep you stocked up for battle.


We hope that PUBG MOBILE is a fun game you like and a place where you can share your achievements with other players. To make it easier for you to find new friends, we’ve made PUBG MOBILE more social.

Highlights is now available! Share your best plays with the world using this feature This feature can be enabled in the Settings. It is possible to view and share your career information in chats or on other platforms.

In some countries/regions, region rankings will be evaluated. It is possible to choose an area or landmark that you are most familiar with in your country. In the Region Rankings, players from the same area can play against one another. You can obtain the corresponding title and invite other players from the same region.


PUBG MOBILE wants all of our players to have the opportunity to play in tournaments and to share their successes. Because you have given your best, we are determined to improve your combat experience as well as offer more rewards and opportunities.

The All-Talent Championship has been enhanced with the addition of the Playoffs. This will be open to all teams who did not reach the Semi-Finals. You won’t regret it! To give players greater exposure, we also included Weekly Match Rankings.

You will find better rewards and cooler effects in Cycle 2 Season 2 (11/18 – 11/18), which includes more thoughtful features.

Some effects have been improved, along with Emote’s performance and the basic controls. You should have a smoother game experience.

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