The green and amber list: Winter sun destinations: 5 places you should visit in winter

3 – Dubai Amber

Dubai offers unimaginable beaches and luxurious life: Dubai has everything you need.

Dubai welcomes both vaccinated or unvaccinated visitors from the UK. You will need to submit a negative test for PCR if you are not vaccinated. However, if your vaccinations have been confirmed by double-jabbing you can show proof.

Dubai’s scorching heat is a hallmark of the city. It is average for October to be 35C. The temperature drops to 31C in November, and then 26C in December. Air conditioning is available everywhere.

4 – Gibraltar, Green

Gibraltar, a Mediterranean climate and unmistakably British cultural environment is all you want about home except the weather.

Gibraltar has an impressive 100 percent vaccination rate. Unvaccinated Brits are welcome to visit without quarantine, however you must be quarantined if you have not yet been jabbed.

Gibraltar’s October average temperature is 23C. It drops to 19C for November, and 17C for December.

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