The truth is that content marketing doesn’t care about the product/service you offer.

One truth about content marketing is that no one cares how your startup does business.

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If your goal is to develop a content marketing strategy for your business, then you need to understand that customers don’t care about what you have to sell. Therefore, your content must be focused on the needs of your potential clients and their wants, as well as how you can help them. This will let them know they are getting something in return. Jorge Gonzalez, partner at G2 Consulting, a firm that specializes in scaling up and startups, says there are many ways to change the content you create about your product.

Semrush surveyed 1500 B2C marketing agencies in 2021. The survey found that 84% of respondents have a content marketing plan, 11% say that it is great, and 76% report that they have at least three people to develop and execute the strategy. 61% also measure the return on investment that content marketing brings.

A content marketing strategy that is well executed will yield great results. You must clearly show your audience how the product or service they are offering fits in their daily lives, addresses their concerns, meets their needs and has an effect on their daily lives. Here are some recommendations from G2 Consultores:

Don’t focus your content solely on your product/service. In the past companies used marketing strategies that were based on their product or service. The potential customers received information about the uniqueness and wonder of the service, and these information encouraged the buyer to purchase something they didn’t need. People are well-informed about the current market, the prices of the top sellers, and they are aware of what their options are. They also know the pros and cons to each company. Don’t do it

Create content that addresses the market niche’s problems and educates them on possible solutions. You are using persuasion to show them that you have the expertise and knowledge necessary to resolve the problem.

This is the best way to do it:

  1. You must clearly define who your audience is. This includes their needs, wants, and problems. Each line should have specific benefits that your audience will appreciate.
  2. Ask why. Every piece of content you write should have a “why”. This means that it must be about why.
  3. Before you publish your content, take the time to review it. Consider whether it is relevant to your clients or clients. Also consider if your content adds value so they are more inclined to choose you instead of your competition.

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