To avoid the ‘worst nightmare, Kate Middleton modified Princess Diana’s PS400k Engagement Ring.

It would have taken great care not to damage the stunning Sapphire stone or the surrounding diamond halo. These two elements are what made this amazing ring unique.

This ring was once the property of Prince William, his late mother. He would not have allowed it to be altered in any way, nor would the Duchess.

This ring was originally chosen by Princess Diana herself. It reportedly reminded her of her mother’s engagement ring and also matches her eyes.

It would have been approximately PS28,000.50 in 1981, according to The Court Jeweller. The value of the item has fluctuated between PS350,000 to PS400,000 since it was included in Kate’s collection.

Kate wears this ring now alongside her gorgeous wedding ring made of Welsh gold.

Beaverbrooks has a replica of her engagement ring that is very close to it for just PS3,750.

According to “The Diana Story”, Kate almost didn’t get the ring she received from her mother-in law.

This is because Prince Harry owned the beautiful piece of jewelry.

Paul Burrell, Diana’s ex-butler, spoke about how Harry gave the ring up “selflessly”, so that William could gift it to Diana when he proposed.

Kate isn’t the only royal bride to have altered her engagement rings. Meghan Markle, however, also modified the ring that Prince Harry gave her.

In June 2019, the Duchess revealed that she had completely redesigned her stunning engagement ring. Its original gold band was removed and replaced with a delicate, diamond-studded band. This completely changed the ring’s look.

This glowing band perfectly complimented her Botswana-diamond and two other diamonds from Princess Diana.

To celebrate Meghan and Prince Harry’s first anniversary, a third addition to Meghan’s collection was made. It was an eternity ring by Prince Harry.

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