Trevor Noah has a real game of Would You Rather?’ With Dr. Fauci

Trevor Noah spoke with Dr. Anthony Fauci about vaccination skeptics. The interview was very serious. The Daily Show host managed to make the interview a little lighter by ending it with a game of “Would You Rather”.

Fauci answered the first two questions about safety indoors and outdoors, as well as theatres and airplanes.

Noah assured Noah that he would fight those who soundbite the show “Dr Fauci”, before moving to the last (and considerably less serious) question: Would you rather face one duck-sized horse that has COVID or 100 duck-sized horses with COVID?”

After a long snort, he finally gives his answer. I’d rather have one-on-one than many.

Is it because like is spreading the risk among many? If so, you could handle one. Noah asks.

Fauci replies, “Exactly,”

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