Twitter opens its account verification process again after another pause

Twitter announced Monday night that it had restarted the account verification process. The company made the announcement via a posting to Twitter Verified, which publishes information about system status. Twitter has had to close down several verifications since launched its revamped verification system this spring. On August 13, the most recent pause was made by the company , which stated that it needed to improve both its application and the review process.

Twitter’s account verifications have been a problem for many years. Everybody wanted to receive the blue badge, which was once awarded only to high-profile public figures or accounts with high public interest. This badge is for those who confirm that they are real people, such as journalists, politicians, celebrities, brands, businesses, and others.

While the initial system was intended to verify account authenticity only, some people viewed Twitter verification badgeholders with an elevated status. It was found that Twitter had verified Jason Keller’s account in 2017, which led to the infamous white supremacist rally at Charlottesville. Twitter stopped verifying individuals shortly thereafter. However, it continued quietly to verify other people, including those running for office and elected officials.

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The company finally rebooted in May 2021. It stated that the system had been rebuilt, and it would have a dedicated staff. The company also published new guidelines that clearly defined who was eligible to request verification. Twitter was overwhelmed by the demand for verification and had to suspend verification 8 days after its launch in order to keep up with all the requests.

Twitter put it on pause once more in August after it was restarted. This explained that it required additional time to fix things. As social media consultant Matt Navarra noted, it’s unclear how verifications went at this stage. He pointed out that Twitter accidentally verified a Rockstar Games account. Twitter had earlier in the summer admitted it had permanently suspended certain fake accounts it had misunderstoodly verified.

Twitter now advises users looking for verification to continue checking their account settings to gain access to the app’s in-app version. Although it didn’t specify what had changed, the system should remain accessible.

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