Xiaomi now has smart glasses, with a built in display

A few days after Ray-Ban and Facebook unveiled the rather pedestrian smart glasses they made, Xiaomi released its own pair of smart glasses. These are quite interesting.

Although the Xiaomi Smart Glasses – that is the name – look almost like regular shades and are 51g in weight, they have a MicroLED display embedded into the right lens. A 5-megapixel front camera, a quad core ARM processor and a battery. They also come with a frame and a touchpad. Although Xiaomi does not specify which Android version, the glasses run Android.

Display is the most fascinating part. The display is similar to OLED but has a greater pixel density and longer life span. It also features a simpler structure that Xiaomi claims makes it easier to integrate into glasses. It’s not very fancy as light must pass through it to see the display through your glasses.

Although the display is monochrome it can still be used to make calls and navigate. Credit: xiaomi

It is also interesting to see how Xiaomi positions the device. According to Xiaomi, the Smart Glasses can be used as a standalone device and not an accessory. They can be used to receive and make calls as well as read and translate texts and take pictures. The glasses also have Xiaomi AI smarts.

img alt=”Xiaomi packed quite a bit of technology into these rather ordinary-looking glasses. class=”border border-gray-100″ height=”1125″ loading=”lazy” sizes=”(max-width: 1408px) 100vw, 1408px” src=”https://helios-i.mashable.com/imagery/articles/07FWQBaEyPMpZlwZVFFRo0n/images-20.fit_lim.size_2000x.v1631604305.jpg” srcset=”https://helios-i.mashable.com/imagery/articles/07FWQBaEyPMpZlwZVFFRo0n/images-20.fit_lim.size_800x.v1631604305.jpg 800w, https://helios-i.mashable.com/imagery/articles/07FWQBaEyPMpZlwZVFFRo0n/images-20.fit_lim.size_1400x.v1631604305.jpg 1400w, https://helios-i.mashable.com/imagery/articles/07FWQBaEyPMpZlwZVFFRo0n/images-20.fit_lim.size_2000x.v1631604305.jpg 1600w” width=”2000″/>

Xiaomi packed lots of technology into these rather ordinary-looking glasses. Credit to xiaomi

The Smart Glasses from Xiaomi will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Google Glass. These glasses also have a built in display, but they were eventually scrapped by Google and made into tools for professionals. While we will see whether Xiaomi can escape this fate, Xiaomi is positioning their Smart Glasses right now as something that everyone can use.

We don’t know if there’s any information about price and availability. However, we have asked Xiaomi for more details.

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