2023 BMW M4 CSL CSL – A new rendering shows aggressive bodystyle


The 2023 M car will be one of the best-selling of the past decade. BMW will resurrect the CSL name and put it on the G82 M4. BMW will make the 2023 BMW M4 CSL the most popular model in the M3/M4 lineup, surpassing the M3 CS/M4 CS models and, of course, the competition models. We don’t anticipate any major changes in the exterior design. A revised front end will be available for the sports coupe, which features a carbon fibre splitter and intakes as well as a kidney grille. The XXL model will remain unchanged.

A ducktail spoiler will be added to the rear end, which is also made from carbon fiber. There may also be a revised diffuser. A carbon ceramic brake and new wheels are also in development. The sunroof option will not be available, nor the availability of a variety of standard comfort features. It is not clear how much weight can be saved, but you should expect to see a lot of carbon fiber and a stripped-down interior.

Render instagram.com/germanysfinest43

The M4 CSL will lose some weight compared to the regular car as has been the case with all CSL models in the past. It is not clear how much weight and where exactly it will come from, but you can expect a stripped-down interior and possibly the elimination of sound insulation. It is possible to use the BMW M5 CS as a reference. Naturally, the power output will increase. According to what we hear, 550 horsepower is the minimum. We are hearing about 550 horsepower.

The BMW M4 CSL, according to our knowledge, will use the same 8-speed transmission as the standard M4 Competition. We believe that an option for manual transmission is available. We hope that the M engineers will surprise us.

The BMW M4 CSL comes in a limited edition, as you would expect. The 2023 BMW M4 CSL production will begin in July 2022.

[Rendering by instagram.com/germanysfinest43]

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