After her neighbours made fun of her online, Laura Hamilton from A Place in the Sun ‘lost it’.


Link” href=”” target=”_blank”>Laura Hamilton, 39, opened up on her first experience suffering a panic attack, after she found out her neighbours had been saying nasty things about her online. Link” href=”” target=”_blank”> Place in the Sun presenter recognised that being in the public eye comes with criticism no matter what, but when she saw the “awful” things written about her and her family by people in her neighbourhood, she didn’t know how to deal with it.

Link” href=”” target=”_parent”>coronavirus after she lost her voice and was unable to breathe.

After finding conversation on an app, she stated, “I could not believe how much stuff was being said about myself, my family and my children.”

I was like “Hang on! These are people in my neighborhood that are talking to me and saying these things.”

Laura recalls being run off her feet by the pandemic.

Link” data-name=”Laura Hamilton emotional as guest’s sister dies from disorder she has” href=”” target=”_blank”>Laura Hamilton emotional as guest’s sister dies from disorder she has

Alex asked me what was wrong, and I couldn’t answer.

She said that she felt uncomfortable and went up to the top of her bed. “I didn’t feel right,” she explained, even though she tried other relaxation techniques.

He said to me, “I believe you should call an ambulance. I don’t understand what’s happening.”

However, the paramedic discovered exactly what had gone wrong when he checked Laura.

The TV star, who was shocked when asked if she had ever suffered from panic attacks, replied, “No. You are talking about? “What are you talking about?” She recalled.

“I was ashamed of what they did to me!”

Laura was left wondering what she did to let paramedics like this get to her.

She admitted that she felt stupid for doing so.

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