After the Champions League draw, Simon Mignolet of Club Brugge mocked Lionel Messi and PSG

The draw, however, is still disappointing.

PSG have one of the finest football teams in the world and are now under immense pressure to win that trophy.

Mauricio pochettino already feels the heat after last year’s failure to lead his team to the Ligue 1 title.

Pochettino spoke before the match about the expectations that he had.

The former Tottenham manager said, “We are aware that our performance at the end this season will determine how we do.”

We know from years of experience that there is pressure at every club, and PSG has had a long-term goal to win the Champions League.

We might be one of two sides to win with Chelsea, given their summers and that they are the defending champions.

They invested more than PSG but they’re the team I prefer.

We have hired, now it is time to build the foundations for a great team.

Marquinhos was also a PSG captain, and he said that there wasn’t any additional pressure.

He said, “We are aware of the pressures every year at PSG. It is part and parcel with being a professional.”

Since I was a child, soccer has been just like this.

True, our team is talked about more than ever and people want to see us. It’s all good for us. However, there isn’t any additional pressure. Only positives.

“Nothing changes. It is crucial to have players such as the ones we have, just like I mentioned.

They are experienced, and they know what to do. We are undoubtedly one of the most successful teams anywhere in the world. Let the fans and journalists debate this.

“In all cases, once a match begins, there are not stars — it’s all about sacrifice.”

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