Although the new iPad mini is beautiful, it has lost one key feature. It’s the headphone jack.

The iPhone 13 is not the star, but the real star at Apple’s “California Streaming”, event was the iPad mini.

This iPad’s smallest model received its first major overhaul. It now has a new look and specifications that make it almost the iPad mini Pro. Apple does not call it that. The A15 Bionic is Apple’s most powerful mobile processor. It has a bigger 8.3 inch display and upgraded cameras.

Apple has removed one feature from the 5th-generation iPad mini: The headphone port. Only two connectors are available on the new iPad mini: the USB-C port at the bottom and the magnet connector at the side.

img alt=”Sorry. The 3.5mm headset jack is not visible.” class=”border border-gray-100″ height=”1209″ loading=”lazy” sizes=”(max-width: 1408px) 100vw, 1408px” src=”” srcset=” 800w, 1400w, 1600w” width=”2000″/>

The 3.5mm headset jack cannot be found. Credit to apple

This may not matter to some users. The headphone jack is not available on Apple’s iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPhone. Many users are happy with Apple’s courageous decision not to include a headphone jack and have purchased a pair wireless headphones. You can always get a USB–C to 3.5mm Jack dongle to attach your headphones to your iPad mini.

The 3.5mm connector was present on all previous iPad minis, as well as the newly announced iPad. The connector makes sense for a tablet that is likely to be used to view longer videos than an iPhone. It’s also important to note that Apple didn’t have to add a headphone port to its iPad mini due to space limitations. The iPad mini may be small but not very small.

The new iPad mini for me is the much-anticipated upgrade and I am certain to get it. It is worth considering if wired headphones are your preference. If the 3.5mm connector makes sense, you can either stick with the iPad mini 5 or get the new iPad.

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