Bridgestone, an auto care company invests in Wrench mobile car repair business located in Seattle

Wrench CEO Ed Peterson. (Wrench Photo)

Mobile car service Wrench has evolved from an 30 employee startup in Seattle to a multiservice business with multiple locations. It is now forming a partnership in tire- and maintenance company Bridgestone. Wrench refused to disclose the amount raised.

Wrench will partner with Bridgestone Americas (the U.S. affiliate of Bridgestone) to offer its mobile service platform and more than 2200 automobile service shops.

Wrench has 40 mobile mechanics in forty metro areas across the nation. They come to customers to repair their cars without the need for a shop, or dealership. Wrench also offers roadside assistance, tire installation, vehicle detailing and inspections of pre-purchased cars.

Wrench employs approximately 285 people, half of which are mechanics. There is more than 5,000 inspectors working on the platform.

Wrench acquired several companies over the years that have increased its offering or brought in competitors.

Wrench purchased automotive inspection firm Lemon Squad last year. This boosted its car inspection division and created a partnership with Tirescanner . Tirescanner is an online retailer and mobile tire installer. Wrench also purchased rivals Toronto’s Fiix, and Chicago’s Octobots.

Bridgestone will now be able to offer mobile service appointments using Wrench in its stores. Bridgestone has released a statement confirming that the companies will discuss their plans for integration later in the year.

Our partnership with Bridgestone will accelerate the digital transformation of the automotive industry. “This allows both companies expand their customer offerings while growing our technologies together,” Wrench CEO Ed Peterson stated in a Statement.

Wrench’s fleet vehicle service revenue exploded during the pandemic, growing 300% over-the-year in 2020. This was driven by high delivery vehicles demand.

Wrench previously raised 20 million in June. According to Wrench, the new round included participation from Madrona Venture Group and Tenaya Capital as well Vulcan Capital, Alumni Venture Group and Arnold Venture Group.

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