Bruce Castle’s Haunted History: A London Manor, where every year a Lady’s Ghost appears

Even though her death occurred in 1680, no record is available to show that she was interred in All Hallow Church’s parish registers. However, other burials of this period are also recorded.

After Lady Constantina Lucy had passed away in the Tottenham & Edmonton Advertiser, it was nearly 200 years after her spirit was first seen around Bruce Castle.

Link” href=””>the ghost of Bruce Castle.

The text tells the reader that her ladyship’s death was marked by a wild form seen standing on the parapet. Her despairing cry can also be heard on the autumnal blast.

Bruce House is now a museum that guests can tour the grounds, despite the fact that paranormal activity was a lesser-known story in the UK.

Link” data-name=”Ghost of beautiful witch said to haunt ancient Essex castle” href=”” target=”_blank”>Ghost of beautiful witch said to haunt ancient Essex castle

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