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DeepTok has taken over TikTok’s berries and cream videos

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DeepTok doesn’t seem to be that different from mainstream TikTok because of its obsession with cream and berries.

As of Wednesday, #berriesandcreamtok had 1.6 million and 327 million respectively. Over 132,000.00 videos have one version of the sound. This clip is from 2007 Starburst commercial. 27500 videos also use an additional upload from another clip.

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One berries-and-cream TikTok video, howe_about_no makes fun of her hair and compares it to the Little Lad. Another video shows taylor_.the_.creator doing the “Little Lad Dance”, to Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s “WAP.”

Jack Ferver was a choreographer and director who played the role of the Little Lad. He is now an TikTok star for his portrayal as a perma-adolescent cream lover and berry enthusiast. Blunt bangs, frilly collared shirt, and the Little Lad’s look are considered cream-core. The trend is further being spread by happy users who imitate the Little Lad’s clapping to popular songs remixed from the Little Lad song about berries & cream.

Mixing “WAP” with cream and berries is the stuff to make you shiver.
Credit: tiktok/taylor_.The_.creator

Blunt bangs? Now it’s all about the cream-core and berries.
Credit: Tiktok/howe_about_no

The Starburst commercials featuring a little boy named “The Little Lad”, who loves berries and cream, are the inspiration for this trend. One commercial features The Little Lad explaining that his mother taught him the “Little Lad Dance” when he was young to get berries and cream. The Little Lad tells viewers that his mother has passed away and then abruptly shows how to clap and hop in the right place, while singing about strawberries and cream. Another ad features The Little Lad who hears two people discussing Starburst’s new Starburst berries and cream flavors and then launches into an exhilarating dance performance in front of nonplussed strangers.

When it first aired, the commercial generated viral videos. Skits that parody the advertisement and remixed versions of the song are popular in YouTube’s early days.

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TikTok saw the commercial and Justin McElroy , a podcaster, posted a portion of it with the caption: “Please create great art using this sound. It’s what all people need.”

He wasn’t able to get it noticed immediately. It seemed like the commercial existed in an ambiguous state of absurd aughts humor, which few people remembered. One person described McElroy’s March tweet regarding the sound as “some strange fever dream”.

One responded that you cannot force music to become popular. All you can do is hope it will catch on within 8 months.

It did. According to Google Trends data, searches for “berries and Cream” soared in August. This sound was described by TikTok users as being only present in DeepTok, but is now everywhere.

Although it didn’t pick up mainstream TikTok for several months, DeepTok would sometimes hear the same sound. DeepTok refers to the absurd videos that aren’t in line with online trends but still appeal to very internet humor.

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To disparage mainstream music, videos of beauty, and other heteronormative content, the phrase “Straight TikTok” is frequently used. DeepTok content using surreal images, alternate aesthetics and absurdist humor can also be called “AltTok,” Gay TikTok”, or “Elite TikTok”. DeepTok membership is like being part of a huge inside joke.

DeepTok content, which isn’t mainstream and outside of traditional TikTok trends, is considered more authentic than the popular creators Addison Rae or members of The Hype House.

Although the Little Lad’s song about cream and berries may not have been popular immediately, it is still a DeepTok favorite. TikTok users laughed that it was a surprise to find so many remixed sounds of berries or cream on their For You Pages. The sound is not very niche, however, as it has been used in so many songs.

Remixes that are popular include Flo-Rida’s “Low”, and The Nightmare Before Christmas’ theme song. An viral clip featuring Miley Cyrus singing “Twinkle Song,” where she belts out “What does that mean?” It is what does it signify? was also remixed by The Little Lad, singing about cream. , who has nearly 20500 followers and almost a million combined likes, has shared 15 remixes with berries and cream.

Ferver, playing the role of The Little Lad, was inspired by this trend to join TikTok.

DeepTok trend like cream and berries are growing in popularity as the traditional influencers lose their appeal. The popularity of dance trends is declining, once TikTok’s bread and butter. Many popular choreographers are Black. However, after many years of being denied credit, many took to the streets this summer in protest of their lack of recognition. Popular dancers, such as Black creators, are now moving away from TikTok. Charli DiAmelio or Addison Rae, have shifted to lifestyle blogging.

Lifestyle influencers also are losing popularity, as their once-aspirational content is being eroded by their privilege during the pandemic.

However, lifestyle bloggers are falling out of favour. Their once-aspirational content is now skewed by their privilege during the pandemic. A poll by Insider found that every beauty YouTuber except one had received a positive public rating. MannyMUA is a YouTuber. He has now moved away from the drama which once fuelled the beauty community and instead focused on social activism content. Family video, which is a highly lucrative form of lifestyle content, has been called exploitative by viewers who express concern for the well-being of children in these videos.

Straight TikTok’s popularity is not declining, but it does not continue to create trends like it used to. Many creators still succeed in creating traditional content, including lifestyle content and choreographed dancing trends. However, the public is becoming less interested in traditional lifestyle content after last year’s social distancing and tired of sponsored content.

DeepTok content can be easily copied and shared online. Because anyone could duplicate dance trends, they were extremely popular. Similar trends like cream and berries are copied, modified, and shared. DeepTok is now dominating Straight TikTok’s dances, family videos, and lifestyle videos.

DeepTok content is something you can get used to. The virality of TikTok is cyclical. As TikTok develops, so too does the content it makes popular.

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